To create a bespoke suit, there are many processes to go through before the cloth chosen becomes a garment or garments.


The Bespoke Suit process:

Firstly, a garment must be chosen. Once this has been achieved, the client is shown suitable materials.

Next, measurements and a study of the individual configurations and style are completed. These will be used when cutting the pattern, which will be drafted on to Kraft paper

The pattern is then placed onto the selected material and the garment is cut and, once complete, archived.

The garment will then be ‘trimmed’. This is a process where all the components that go into making a suit will be put together and rolled up with the cut garment. This is now known as ‘the bundle.’

The bundle will be sent to the workshop where a skilled craftsman will prepare a fitting for the client.

The client now has their first fitting. Here the cutter will fit the garment using pins and chalk, indicating any adjustments needed. The garment will then be taken apart and any alterations will be made.

This adjustment phase can occur several times, until the suit is right.

When the garment is complete, the client would be required to try on the final product and any fine-tuning would be done.

This is the process of creating a bespoke suit.