2 Piece Suits

As with any garment, the most important aspect is fit and quality

All two-piece suits consist of a jacket and a set of trousers. What makes the suit personal are the details you decide to fashion.

A single-breasted jacket can be styled to one, two or three button front or, in the case of a double-breasted jacket, button two show three, button one show two or three or button three, all to button.

The pockets can be jetted with no flaps, jetted with straight flaps, jetted with slant flaps and can also include an outside ticket pocket on the right. Furthermore, inside pockets would be according to clients’ needs.

The jacket can also have side or centre vents or no vents. Lapels can be notched or double breasted peaked. Cuffs can be button 4, 3, 2 or 1 and can have laid-on cuffs.

Trousers can be brace tops, straight tops, plain fronts or pleated (single or double), zip or button fly with plain or swelled side seams and plain bottoms or cuffs.

Pockets can be side, slant, cross or jetted with hip or fob pockets according to clients’ needs.